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What characterises a Freemason?

Freemasons personality types and occupational backgrounds are as varied as you will find in society at large. There are two things all Freemasons have in common; a belief in a supreme being and an expressed desire to become more moral and ethical in their approach to life.  On a lighter note, all Freemasons very much enjoy just gathering together socially.

What do Freemasons do to reinforce these values?

In the formal part of regular meetings, Freemasons are shown and reminded of moral lessons through a small number of ritual dramas which represent progression points towards a raised level of moral maturity.  Away from Lodge meetings, some Freemasons are quite active in national and local charities while others regard charity as being more about all round caring behaviour and the propagation of it.

What is the purpose of the secrets of Freemasonry?

None of the secrets of Freemasonry are of any real value, commercial or otherwise.  The secrets are the methods by which Freemasons may recognise each other and hark back to the earliest days of trade secrets. Today, Freemasons keep only a few words and signs of recognition secret merely as a reminder of the deeply rooted traditions of Freemasonry.  For a very fair flavour of becoming a Freemason, watch an informative interview with Rick Wakeman in which he talks about his father, how he joined and what Freemasonry means to him.

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